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Shall we learn what normod modules are and how you can take advantage from modularity?

Our Modules

Seating Modules

You can connect all of the seating modules and create seats of any size and shape. you can also choose plain or stitched cushions for all modules.

64 x 91

Einsitzer Gross
77 x 91

100 x 91

154 x 91

88 x 88

180 x 91

82 x 171

Arm Types

Thick arm

Thin arm

Leg Types

Conical leg

Cylindrical leg

You can use either thin or thick arm. All fabrics are available for both seating modules and arm types. Additionally, you can choose the shape of leg!

You can create your own combination by all these custimizable modules! If you could not find your desired combination,

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Why you should use modular sofas?

Add a relax module and make your sofa more comfortable!

And change direction of your relax module whenever you want!

Combine your smaller sofas to make a bigger sofa!

Easy to carry and available to store when you need!